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If you, or someone in your family, have always dreamed of learning to play the piano, this program is an affordable way to make it a reality.

The 12 Month Rent-Then-Own Program is designed to allow the first-time or experienced player to enjoy the benefits of playing on a beautiful Steinway-Designed piano. After 12 months, if you choose to purchase the piano, we'll credit you the monthly piano rental costs.

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Why Rent a Steinway-Designed Boston or Essex Piano?

To beginners - adults and children alike - the more superior the sound and touch of their piano, the more success they will enjoy. A high quality piano will inspire the novice, provide reinforcement of technique, and produce greater progress. All of which will motivate the player further. Additionally, studies have shown that children who play music score higher on tests of language and reasoning. In fact, playing music actually increases the creation of neural pathways in a child's brain.

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